Mission statement

The mission of this website is to make the public aware of the risk to the free world from the alliance  between Islamist terrorists and the Enablers. 

Our Values

The project is not aligned to any right or left side of the political map.

We are committed to these values:

  • Humanism – protect human rights of all individuals no matter the group they belong to. Advocate for freedom and justice.
  • Truth – professional reporting that is committed to facts and truth telling. 
  • Courage – confront bad behaviours. 
  • Wisdom – understand complex situations and seek not to blame but to resolve issues.

Project manager

Hagai Avisar is a psychologist from Melbourne, Australia. He moved to Australia from Israel in 1997.

Hagai was a peace activist while living in Israel. He sees himself a liberal and humanist, and he believes in two states solution to the Israel – Palestine conflict.