Face of Hamas

This material is from the official website of Hamas dot com.

Islamic Primacy

Islamic law should supersede all democratic systems

Takfir Doctrine

The whole world should adopt Islam, with non-Muslims being viewed as infidels and targets for assassination

Coordinated Leadership

Establishment synchronized power structures globally

Stealthy Propagation

Establish Social programs to discreetly spread the ideology without attracting unwanted attention.

Stage 1

Spread through social activities, often masking as movements and charitable entities

Stage 2

Da’wah: Non-Muslims to embrace Islam through deceptive narratives of compassion and societal unity

Stage 3

Engage in local politics with the objective of influencing decision-making at the national level

Stage 4

Using military tactics, obtaining weapons, and using violence to achieve the movement’s goals and interests

Stage 5

Overthrow secular governments and establish a new government based on strict adherence to the Islamic law, and the execution or enslavement of non Muslims