Is any critic of Israel an Enabler?

The key difference between Enablers and Critics is in their display of empathy. Most critics care about the suffering of both Palestinians and Israelis. Most critics react with disgust and rage to the barbaric attack on helpless civilians. Enablers share with the Villains their hatred towards Israelis because Israelis are the “oppressors”. 

The harshest criticism against the government of Israel comes from within Israelis themselves. In fact, the current most far-right government in Israel’s history saw daily demonstrations until 7th October. 

It is important to question the government’s policy on Palestinian issues. The author of this website is a harsh critic of Netanyahu’s government.  However, the response to the slaughter of so many civilians should be assessed in practical, moral and military terms – what is the correct response, and how should a government protect its civilians?  

Military experts could help the public make sense of military solutions to the human shield problem. Professional journalists should invite these experts to the studio. In the meantime, we will be waiting for better options than the ones used by IDF.

Have you heard of any military experts suggesting different methods to those used by the IDF?!