Is it antisemitism?

The issue of antisemitism is a complex one, historically influenced by various factors.

  • Religious – blame Jews for killing Jesus, or for not converting to the dominant religion of the society. 
  • Socio-economical – scapegoat Jews for disasters and threats. Their unique appearance as a minority group and being seen as outsiders makes them an easy target. This “otherness” has made people suspicious towards them. 
  • Political – unite people in the fight against a common enemy and divert their anger from domestic issues. 
  • Nationalist – perceive that Jews spoil the homogeneous and ‘pure’ national identity. 

Today, these factors are mostly relevant in the Islamic world.

Then what is happening with liberal progressive people? Are they motivated by antisemitism?

Making the case that Anti-Israel is the new antisemitism is problematic for several reasons:

  1. The psychological profile of a typical enabler doesn’t match personalities who are driven by hatred. Most of the time they genuinely believe that they are fighting for justice and human rights. We should seek explanations that fit their intentions, values, weaknesses, and needs.
  2. Their issue is mostly with Israel, an assertive political entity with a strong army and strong economy that is fully supported by a superpower. Many active Jews within these circles openly criticize Israel. 
  3. Attributing antisemitism to them is counterproductive, as it fails to resonate with the public. It is hard to make the jump from protesting against Israel’s ‘aggression’ to antisemitism. Adopting a victim stance may evoke empathy but not yield the desired results.
  4. We want to differentiate between valid criticism of Israel and those who justify, hence enable, the violence committed against Israelis. Critics are not enemies of Israel, let alone of Jews. We should engage constructively and advocate for Israel wisely. 

So, if not antisemitism, then what is this about?

The Enablers are against Israel not because of antisemitism but because of what Israel represents—the might of Western civilization. This cult of liberal progressives associates might with the ‘evils’ of the white male, such as colonization, oppression, occupation, discrimination, apartheid, toxic masculinity, and more. Next time you hear someone from the Arab world speaking against Israel, note how they parrot these words. It hits the right nerves in the enablers’ brains. 

Jews in their communities, much like Israel in its neighbourhood, exhibit success, achievement, and competence. It’s something to admire, but not if one feels incompetent and inferior.  Compare yourself to the more successful ones, and what do you get? Jealousy. As we have learned from the biblical story of Cain and Abel, jealousy is the most destructive emotion, leading to rage and hatred. You may try virtue signalling to showcase your moral superiority, but soon you realise it doesn’t yield the desired outcomes – no more success, better relationships, or enhanced life satisfaction. The only success is with a stronger sense of belonging to the righteous tribe of the Enablers and with a stronger connection with the intimidating Muslim ‘victims’ you demonstrate with. 

Israel is not the victim of the Enablers but a warrior at the forefront of this global war for our freedom. Democratic nations need Israel just as Israel needs them. Anyone with a basic sense of responsibility to solve life problems – leaders, managers, business people, parents – understand it. Israel is exposing the Enablers as the weakest link in our democracy. Their marriage to the Islamic extremists endangers us all. 

Any reasonable and democratic person should support Israel and be grateful for its sacrifice in this global war against The Jihadists and their Enablers.