Jordan Peterson

“…they threaten the integrity of the entire society within which they operate, hoping to light everything aflame and dance, orgiastically, in the ruins.” 

Quotes from an article in The Telegraph 16 Oct 2023, titled:

This unholy axis of Iranian thugs and Marxist psychopaths is an enemy of Muslims too:

“One of the most shocking elements of this entire tragedy is how many people have been championing a cause devoted to naught but violence. As a psychologist, I view this as a phenomenon facilitated by the power, accessibility and irresponsibility of social media, which allows for toxic traits exhibited by a small minority to proliferate with none of the usual real-world consequences….

These people have, in addition to their other dangerous tendencies, the proclivity to claim positive virtue or outright victim status while pursuing their utterly self-serving, grandiose and destructive ends. They lie, cheat, steal, gossip, reputation-savage, brag, claim credit when none is due, and distribute blame to everyone but themselves – all the while pursuing nothing but their own immediate, immature, hedonistic self-gratification, trumpeting their moral virtue and/or brandishing their identity as oppressed innocents. …

How else are you to explain the staggeringly incomprehensible spectacle of, for example, ‘Queers for Palestine’ – perhaps the most egregious example of the union of the desire by ‘progressives’ to tear down everything in the West that is worthy, even at the cost of formulating an alliance that would in an instant be suicidal if it ever made itself manifest….

Then there’s the increasingly delusional alphabet brigade of the LGBT ‘community’, foolish and blind enough to assume that commonality of hypothetical oppression is enough to unite it, somehow, with the mullahs of Tehran and the gangsters of Hamas…. “