Together in bed

The Palestinian issue is the sexual energy that brings Villains and Enablers to the same bed. Their alliance is driven by the same energy of hatred against a shared target – Israel. Their bed is the first in history to experience hate-making rather than love-making, birthing a particularly toxic and dangerous ‘baby.’

For Islamists, Israel provides a convenient target to channel the rage and despair simmering among millions of Muslims in their communities. 

For Enablers, Israel serves as a tool to direct their anger towards the mighty Western civilization and white males, blamed for evils such as colonialism, oppression, dispossession, apartheid, sexism, and a few more things related to toxic masculinity. 

Both groups thrive on the perpetrator-victim narrative, reaping psychological and practical benefits, including career advancement and financial support. 

Both groups are NOT driven by genuine concern for the well-being of the Palestinians. 

If Enablers truly cared about the Palestinians, they would seek practical solutions, challenging harmful Palestinian practices and policies, such as the charter that calls for the destruction of Israel or the use of human shields.  Similarly, if Villains genuinely cared about the Palestinians, they would accept refugees and contribute to the development of a prosperous Palestinian community.

Consider for a moment the suffering of hundreds of thousands of Muslims who are being oppressed and murdered daily around the world, including women in Afghanistan. 

Now ask yourself: how much collaboration do you see between these two groups? or how much genuine care toward Muslims who suffer in their millions?

This nuclear fusion of two forces of hatred is not looking good. To protect humanity, the urgent call is to neutralize both these destructive powers.