United Nations

This letter was signed by hundreds of scholars who work in feminist, queer, and trans studies

United Nations

The UN deserves the title of the Father of all Enablers.

The UN is leading the cheer squad of the Enablers. For the public, the aura of the UN is of an impartial, righteous organization that pursues the common good for humanity.  However, the reality starkly contrasts this facade. With over a quarter of its 193 member nations being Islamic-majority and around 100 nations not fully embracing democratic values, the UN’s moral foundation can not be taken seriously. When oppressive regimes chair committees on human rights, it is akin to members of drug cartels convening to combat drug use.

In this environment, it’s hardly surprising that the UN’s primary focus often gravitates toward combating what is deemed the ultimate evil – Israel.

What adds a troubling layer to this dynamic is the fact that the career advancements, promotions, and success of UN officials hinge on how well they navigate relationships with these representatives. Consequently, many officials find themselves inadvertently supporting and enabling acts of Islamic terrorism against Israel.