When Two Dark Sides Merge

This letter was signed by hundreds of scholars who work in feminist, queer, and trans studies
Can you see the thread in the mental mechanisms of the Enablers?

Never in the history of mankind, male and females combined their strengths to benefit humanity as we see now in the free world. But now we start to see how they combine their dark sides. The rising female power can not mean just the expression of positive humanistic values such as justice, equality and compassion. 

Like any power, the female power comes with its dark side. Males have shown us their dark side throughout history. It is now the turn of females who have discovered power. Their power lies not in their hands but in their tongue. Their weapon is the megaphone, not the gun. They shoot words, not bullets. Their dark side is not as bloody and destructive as the male dark side, but lethal nonetheless. It enables violence. The mental mechanisms I described above are more common for females. These mechanisms fit well with females’ high scores on measures of anxiety and agreeableness. It, therefore, should not surprise us that the majority of the enablers are females. Their weaknesses fuse with male weaknesses, merging the toxic aggression of both males and females. They both live – like Hamas- in dark tunnels below the surface. You only see them when they emerge with their full force of toxicity.

We have been lucky to live in a world where females bring forth their strength. It has brought us a better world. But now we are fast approaching the nuclear fusion of these two mental destructive forces: the male dark side and the female dark side. Together, they create a cultural atomic bomb that threatens us all. 

Waking up may save us.