Into the Enabler’s Mind

Enablers are individuals and organizations that provide moral support to Islamist terrorists. The alliance of ‘progressive’ and human rights activists with the Muslim extremists who passionately hate Jews and kill Israelis requires some investigation.

As a psychologist, liberal, humanist and peace activist, I am puzzled:  How come people with whom I share important values end up in an alliance with those whose values and actions so vastly oppose our core values? What’s going on here?!

This incomprehensible phenomenon is very challenging. As a mental health professional, I use empathy to understand why people are the way they are. I try to see the world through their eyes. I hope the perspectives I offer here are useful.

Let’s give the enablers the benefit of the doubt and consider that their motivations might not necessarily be rooted in hatred towards the Jews. (Read Is it Antisemitism?). In fact, there are quite a few Jews among them, some of whom are the loudest voices against Israel. I believe that they, for most of the time, do care about human rights and social justice.

But something very strange happens when it comes to Israel. Not a drop of empathy is left for the girls who are raped by terrorists, for children who are burnt to death, for families who are kidnapped or even for these feminists and peace activists who help Gazan families.
One wonders: Not even a word of sympathy for your sisters?!

Consider the following psychological mechanisms: (Click to read more)