Anti-might sentiment

There is much resentment towards might in our prosperous and self-indulging countries. Might represents the evil of oppression, violence, discrimination, inequality, and injustice. This anti-might sentiment is driven by concerns about power abuse, injustice, a preference for peaceful conflict resolution, and personal experiences of oppression. Might is linked to the male power from which females have suffered throughout history. Feminists and those who feel marginalized ride this wave of anger towards male oppressors. With regular attacks on men and masculinity they aim their anger at the white males and the old social order.

This sentiment often simplifies people into oppressors and victims, making the Palestinian narrative attractive because it is about the ‘resistance’ of the underdog against ‘occupation’, ‘colonization’, ‘oppression’, and other sexy words like that. Israel is mighty, therefore wrong, and Palestinians are victims, therefore right.

The Enablers do not balance their opposition to might with accountability and responsibility. They reject the use of force without considering context or offering solutions to complex problems. It is no wonder leaders of the free world provide unequivocal support for Israel.

With their automatic rejection of the use of force, the enablers weaken our warriors and our resolve in the battle against enemies of our way of life.