In recent years, core values like science and truth have been undermined, especially by the very people who bear the torch of enlightenment. Our universities export confusion into our communities. It started with confusion about what is real and true, then questioning what is right. Blur the identity of male/female, then the identity of who is a victim/aggressor. It is okay to use freedom of speech to glorify violence against Jews but not okay to use the wrong gender pronouns.

The opposite of confusion is clarity, accountability, and responsibility, values shared by those in roles that require practical solutions to complex life problems. Screaming slogans is easier than suggesting a solution for terrorists who use their own people as human shields.

These scholars see themselves as progressive but the only progress you see is towards more confusion, mistrust, and chaos – exactly the conditions terrorists and psychopaths need to flourish. They enable the villains by boosting misunderstandings, false narratives, and mistrust in our institutions.
Those who used to be our beacon of light are fast becoming the enablers of darkness.