Pro-victim reflex

The enablers are sensitive and humanistic people who genuinely care about the needy and vulnerable people. Their heart goes out to those who are perceived as victims. This very instinct of parental care towards the helpless innocent child is the target of Hamas. They are well versed in using the power of cameras to manipulate this raw nerve and evoke strong emotional responses. Building their army in the tunnels below hospitals, schools, and mosques proves that this method is very effective. The pictures of helpless victims in Gaza are outrageous. Just imagine you turn on the TV in the final days of Berlin during World War Two, and you are horrified by the destruction caused by the USA and Russia.

Watching the awful suffering of innocent people makes you want to scream with rage. But you need a target for your rage. Screaming at Hamas is useless, so you scream at those who can hear you.

But Israelis are a true model, not of excessive force, but of excessive efforts to protect innocent lives. Many security experts regard the IDF as the most moralistic army in the world. Just look at the scale of destruction and compare it with the number of dead. Israelis warn people and risk their own lives to avoid harming innocent people.

The pro-victim reflex plays straight into the hands of the murderers by allowing them to portrait themselves as victims and win moral support.