Why did Hamas attack Israel?

Hamas attacked Israel, simply, because this is their goal. They have been attacking Israeli civilians since they came to power in 2007. They’ve always declared their intention to destroy Israel and they express this commitment in their charter. They don’t hide it. As a terror organisation they lived up to their purpose. There was nothing unusual about their barbaric acts or their intention to kill as many Israelis as possible. The unusual thing was their incredible success in mounting such a large-scale attack combined with the horrible failure of the Israeli army to defend the border. 

But aren’t they have a good reason to be angry because of the occupation and blockade? 

This is precisely how the enablers help the terrorists find justification and moral support for their violence and hatred. They condone their deceptive narrative.  No leader in the democratic world accepts this narrative. Most democratic nations regard Hamas as a terror organization for a reason!

There is not a single inch of land in Gaza that is occupied by Israel. All was returned following a painful evacuation of thousands of settlers in 2005.


Over 15 years Hamas was able to build a whole city below the ground and a strong army with thousands of rockets. Not a very successful blockade.

Just imagine these efforts and money go towards helping their people.

And what about the border with Egypt? After all, this is an Arab nation. How come no one asks Egypt to allow them freedom of movement?  

Thousands of Gazans came to work in Israel every day. Hamas could not offer them employment other than building tunnels with the money from Katar.