Why do so many children die?

How come so many children die?!

  1. The lives of all civilians – men, women and children – must be protected anywhere. The wars in Gaza are a real tragedy for both Israelis and Gazan civilians. The constant reference to children’s suffering proves how effective Hamas is in its manipulation of the public. This is why Gaza cameramen are installed within the areas of bombardment. They are part of the war. When they broadcast to your screens the pictures of dead and bloody children, it works! You are horrified and punched in your stomach. Who on earth would bombard children??!!
  2. This falls exactly to the script. Using children in schools and hospitals as human shields is the most effective tool for leveraging the Enablers. The public is rightly horrified by the images. This is the moment for the VIllains and the Enablers to get straight into action with the usual oppressive-victim narrative. It is hard to make sense otherwise when the real culprits remain hidden from the camera. People instinctively blame those who bombarded the buildings.
  3. The curious person may ask: How else should one fight terrorists who launch rockets from schools and hospitals? We have not yet seen better solutions than the ones used by the Israeli Army.  But rest assured, the Enablers get furious with you if you dare to annoy them with this question. If you familiarized yourself with the psychology of the Enablers, you should not be surprised by their righteous rage. Don’t confront them with reality or accountability.
  4. A better question to be asked is this: How come so few civilians have died amid so much destruction? 
    The answer is the incredible efforts made by the Israeli army. Israelis warn civilians, risk their own lives to avoid harming innocents, and even protect civilians who wish to leave from being shot by Hamas! No wonder IDF is regarded by army experts as the most moralistic army in the world. 
  5. Other questions arise: How come we don’t see pictures of dead children from Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and other parts of the Islamic world where they slaughter each other? And what do the Enablers say about that? How come we don’t hear them?

The Author Brigitte Gabriel grew up in Lebanon, and she knows too well the methods of Islamic terrorists. In this 80sec video, she answered the question about the death of children.

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