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This letter was signed by hundreds of scholars who work in feminist, queer, and trans studies

Women Organizations

100 seconds of shame to Feminists

As a dedicated defender and a devout believer in international law and the role of the United Nations in protecting human rights, I feel betrayed,” -Halperin-Kadri, served as vice-chairman of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). 

UN Women is the most senior organization responsible for the protection of women. The organization issued a statement day after the massacre:   “UN Women condemns the attacks on civilians in Israel and the occupied territories and is extremely concerned about the devastating effect on civilians, including women and girls.” 

This statement does not include any further reference to Israel or the Israeli victims and does not mention the abductees, but expresses concern only for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and reiterates support for Palestinian women only. Not any acknowledgement of the massacre of girls and women.

In a letter signed by 140 women’s organizations from Israel, Canada, the USA, Brazil, Australia, Great Britain, Ukraine, Chile, Romania, India and Mexico, the writers accuse UN of ignoring the horrific situation of more than 222 abductees, women, men and children from the age of 9 months to 85 and the brutal and atrocious attack carried out by Hamas against Israeli citizens, including the murder, rape and slaughter of hundreds of women, mothers and their babies, children, elderly women and people with disabilities.

We call on the UN Women’s Organization – and all other human rights organizations – to condemn the brutal and atrocious attack carried out by Hamas terrorists, and to act urgently to protect the special human rights of women and children, and to do everything in their power to expose and recognize these horrific and horrific acts of violence against women and girls and bring about the immediate release of all the abductees.

When similar crimes against women and children were committed by ISIS against Yazidi women, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, during the Bosnian genocide and the Rwandan genocide, there was a standard response from the United Nations.

It looks like Israels girls and women are of a different kind.

If you understand the true nature of UN and how it operates you should not be surprised.

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