Once upon a time,
heroes fought villains
Now they fight villains
AND their enablers
Now they fight villains
AND their enablers

Enablers are primarily well-intentioned people who unintentionally enable horrible behaviors.

They seem to care about values such as human rights and social justice, but they support groups and activities that hit at the core of these values.

The weird and dangerous alliance between Enablers and Islamist extremists presents a challenge to the free world.

It’s time to take on the Enablers. 

For Israelis, the barbarism and hatred they witnessed on October 7th was sadly not a new experience. Their horror was not due to the murderous behavior of the animals who suddenly emerged from the jungle; they are well aware of the jungle they live in. The true horror was twofold:

  1. The failure of the government to protect them from a Nazi-like extermination, and by this shattering the “never again”.  
  2. The non-empathic, even resentful, response from ‘liberal’- ‘progressive’ people to their mini-holocaust.

Nothing is shocking in the orgasmic joy displayed by Muslim extremists and their spiritual leaders at the sight of Israeli children being burned and butchered. It is understandable, given the poisonous hatred they drink in childhood regarding Jews. This is precisely why the terrorists carried around cameras – to share their joy and inspire pride among their comrades around the Islamic world. What was truly shocking is the moral boost they have been receiving from the Enablers.

In the free world, we now find ourselves fighting a complex and different battle.  It is no longer a straightforward battle of heroes versus villains. Today, our heroes are up against the villains and their enablers – and these enablers come from our own community.

The enablers represent the soft underbelly of the free world, and their vulnerabilities are cynically and effectively exploited by those who oppose our culture.

If you believe that these cheer squads are just against Israel you are dead wrong. For them, Israel represents the power of the Western might – or the white male – who brought to this world evils such as colonialism, discrimination, occupation, sexism, racism, apartheid and more;  toxic masculinity at its best performance. 

Anyone who cares about the values of democratic nations -freedom, humanism, justice, science, progress – should be worried about the role of the Enablers in our fight against Jihadists. These enablers endanger our free world – they are our rapidly growing seed of self-destruction.

As the free people of this world we must address them together because they are NOT just Israel’s problem.